About The MOD Movement

Being of service is the a core value at MyOutDesk, and it’s deeply ingrained in every aspect of our business philosophy. We strive to make a difference in the world through our work – and it doesn’t stop there. We’re striving to make a difference by giving to families & children in need.

The MOD Movement is a charity founded as a result of the kindness and generosity of many of the wonderful individuals who work for MyOutdesk. They and their families give their time, money and hearts to our projects.

The MOD Movement has been doing charitable works since 2013 and is a California non-profit corporation. Tax exempt 501c3 status has been approved since March 15th 2018, and donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170.

Our mission is to create impact in the world by serving underprivileged communities – both here in the United States and abroad. Join Us!


Current Charity Projects

Boystown Orphanage

The MOD Movement has worked with Boystown orphanage for the past 8 years, helping to improve living conditions and provide hope for over 600 children & families.


Seniors Home

We’re working to building housing to accomodate up to 50 seniors, currently living in a large tent due to overcrowding. We want to give them suitable shelter, beds and a basic quality of life.


1 Life Fully Lived

We’ve support 1 Life Fully Lived and the Dare2Dream program for over 7 years, which helps at-risk children & teens build a personal roadmap to achievement to create better lives.


How You Can Help

The MOD Movement has worked with Boystown orphanage and senior living facility for the past 8 years. Our dedicated virtual professionals, with support from Myoutdesk and the generous donations from family, friends, and MOD clients, have allowed us to improve the living conditions for the 600+ residents.

Your support and contributions will enable us to fund our current project – to build housing that will accommodate up to 50 seniors. Currently, there are 40+ seniors with various medical conditions living in temporary housing consisting of a large tent.

The main senior building is overcrowded and has moved some of the sick individuals to this temporary structure in an effort to keep the others healthy. We want to give them suitable shelter, beds, and a basic quality of life. Your donation today will get us closer to that goal.


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